Cellfina®  #1 Cellulite Treatment on the market

Cellfina® #1 Cellulite Treatment on the market

8 Reasons Cellfina® is the Best Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

If you have been thinking of a way to get rid of your cellulite and exercise and diet has not done the trick Dr. Sherman offers an effective treatment with results you will love.

Cellfina® is a single cellulite treatment solution that lasts up to 3 years.Dr. Sherman at New Skin Medical Spa in Augusta, Ga offers Cellfina® as one of the latest technologies for cellulite. Cellfina® has been a bit of a medical mystery for decades now. While supposed cellulite treatments have come and gone, it wasn’t until Cellfina® that medical professionals could say with confidence that there is a proven treatment for cellulite. Cellfina® has better and longer-lasting results than any other FDA-cleared cellulite treatment on today’s market, and here are some of the reasons why it is the treatment of choice for cellulite reduction.

1. It Works! Get rid of Cellulite…Ditch the dimples this season

While modern medicine used to consider cellulite “unfixable”, the technology developed for Cellfina® is proven to work. Cellfina® has been proven to yield desirable results for an incredibly high percentage of patients, with the pivotal study showing patient satisfaction still at 93 percent even 3 years after treatment. Just one Cellfina® treatment can lead to a noticeable reduction in cellulite, and the Cellfina® Yearlong Assurance Guarantee allows for retreatment free of charge if cellulite returns within one year after treatment. Visit our Augusta, Ga Medical Spa to learn more about this treatment.


Beach ready with cellfina


2. It’s FDA Cleared

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for evaluating the safety and efficacy of medical treatments, medicines, and more. As a protective measure for the general public, companies that make medical devices must receive FDA clearance or approval to legally market their devices. Cellfina® is an FDA-cleared medical device (visit the FDA website to learn more about what this means). Get Beach ready with Cellfina, BodyTite, and  Laser Hair Removal with Motus AX. 

3. It’s Minimally Invasive

While so many other elective medical treatments require invasive surgery with its accompanying risks, Cellfina® does not. Cellfina® is considered minimally invasive, meaning there is very little surgery required, no need for general anesthesia, and limited recovery time afterward.

4. One-time, In-Office Treatment

Cellfina® isn’t one of those treatment regimens where patients must come back to the office every month for retreatment or touch-ups. Just one cellulite treatment session is necessary, and the treatment can be conveniently performed in our office.

5. It Conquers Cellulite at the Source

Many treatments that claim to fix cellulite focus on fat removal, which isn’t actually what causes cellulite. Cellulite is caused by connective bands in the soft tissue that puckers and pulls over the fatty tissue, creating the lattice or cottage cheese dimpled appearance. Cellfina® releases the tension in these connective bands so that the treated skin smooths itself out over the body fat. Therefore, patients can completely eliminate cellulite without having to worry about fat removal.

6. Results Are Quick

Quick results are what most of us want to see when getting an elective procedure, and Cellfina® delivers. Results from Cellfina® can be visible as early as 3 days after treatment.

7. Results are Long Lasting

Cellfina® isn’t a short-term solution for cellulite. Results from treatment can last for three years or longer, even with just one Cellfina® treatment. In fact, Cellfina® has long-lasting results than any other FDA-cleared cellulite treatment.

8. Minimal Downtime

Cellfina® is minimally invasive, which means it causes less trauma on the body than formal surgery. Because this treatment for cellulite does not require extensive healing, patients can expect minimal downtime. Patients can usually go about their day immediately after treatment but may wish to take it easy for up to 24 hours.

Cellfina to get rid of cellulite

Cellfina® is a proven technique to get rid of cellulite, with no invasive surgery and long-lasting results after just one treatment. To schedule a consultation for cellulite removal, contact Dr. Sherman and request your consultation today.


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